About Us

about iintesec systems


The evolution of ICT technologies has generally had a positive effect on education, business, government and people’s lifestyles but has also enabled criminals, terrorists and deviants to attain a higher level of autonomy, access and anonymity.

At IINTESEC, we develop technologies that enables government intelligence, law enforcement agencies and industry to prevent and investigate terrorism and crime as well as offer counter-measures to support and control diverse technology systems.

Our collaborative platforms integrates disparate data sources in real-time and provide the tools that support authorities to predict, understand and command difficult situations, analyse data, investigate crime, protect people, assets and territories.


To become a leading global provider in critical infrastructure, logistics and cyber security.


To provide government, business and society the best possible automated electronic systems to protect people.


Empowerment Accountability Integrity Respect Commitment to excellence These core values drive our hiring decisions.


iiNTESEC’s ability to manage its operations ensures the efficient incorporation of skills transfer and training as projects are being implemented. Project deployments are designed to source members from local communities in so far as this is possible ensuring skills transfer and local job creation.


To develop cutting edge technologies and innovative solutions for logistics and security provision to government and private sector organisations. To implement technology that seamlessly integrates with highly trained, experienced and professional personnel to secure facilities and protect people, property and assets. Enhanced protection of the public through increased public trust and confidence in the security of critical infrastructure by reducing criminality.