Drones continue to gain a foothold in an increasing number of industries, with adoption rates in the safety and security industry growing worldwide. But, increasingly it’s not just the air traffic controllers sounding the alarms over drones, it’s also the cybersecurity community. Hacked drones are breaching physical and cyberdefenses to cause disruption and steal data.

Critical Infrastructure Protection and security requires faster detection of new and emerging threats. Completely securing an area relies on more than just range detection, especially with the additional complexity and burden to cater for drone invasions and breaches. It requires flexibility and reliability. Our integrated drone detection and monitoring sensor technology provides an intuitive display of real-time data from all your maritime and land border sensors. This technology assists you make instant and informed security decisions before a threat reaches your perimeter.

Our drone detection and monitoring solutions offers detection of 360 degrees and comes with a standard instrumented range of five kilometres. Additionally the system integrates seamlessly with any C2 management system and CCTV cameras and has the ability to jam and neutralize the potential threat. Acoustic capabilities of our drone detection system gives us the ability to classify birds from drones which further enhances our capability to deliver the most advanced integrated drone detection and monitoring systems.