iiNtesec Systems specializes in cyber exposure monitoring. We enable organizations to detect and respond to cyber exposure and prioritise security resources.
Exposed Information: We help organizations discover their exposed information assets and enable them to respond to emerging cyber exposure threats.
Vulnerable Assets: We provide a platform for clients to visualise the organisation’s internet-facing assets from attacker’s perspective.
Continuous Monitoring and Penetration Testing: We continuously monitor changes in web-visible applications, APIs and microservices to assist organisations planning and risk mitigation from cyber attacks. 

Cyber Exposure Monitoring

Monitoring helps organizations discover their exposed information and enables them to respond to emerging cyber exposure threats. iiNtesec’s dynamic crawler data acquisition system continuously searches the dark web, deep web and other data breaches to provide real-time notifications as well as historical presentation of leaked information. Dashboards enable rapid comprehension of risks, while providing specific views for different users and use cases; risk officers, auditors, analysts etc. Data is accessed through dashboards, alerts to email and APIs. The stand alone solution can integrate with SIEMs and SOCs.

Data Exposure Matrix

Continuous Penetration Testing

Unique to our cyber security offering is a Continuous Penetration Testing system that monitors changes in web-visible applications, APIs and microservices.  Agile development environments involve constant changes in applications, which may cause untended consequences and security vulnerabilities. Continuous Penetration Testing reacts to changes and provides real-time feedback and security status of applications. This enables DevOps teams to mitigate flaws throughout release lifecycle, instead of waiting for a periodic audit.


Recommendations are prioritized on risk, business impact and average time to exploit.